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01-Jan-2001 1.0 (Beta)  (2Mb).

Note that this is (I hope!) a stable release, tested on HP548  The download includes MS control libraries and scripting engine for MIPs, SH3 and StrongARM (though I've only tested on the emulator and HP548).

01-Jan-2001 1.1 (Beta). (2Mb)

Fixed problem with extra linefeeds being inserted in posts, and cleaned up posting form a little.

02-Jan-2001 1.2 Beta (2Mb)

Added copy/cut/paste menu to Post window, and 'quote' button (which will quote either all or selection of the message being replied to. Also added 'hide' button to allow switching between post/browse windows whilst editing.


I've now had feedback from a couple of users with IPAQs telling me 1.2 Beta works without any problems on their machines.

I'm working on  the next release (probably within for next week). It will allow you to mark an entire thread as read without reading it; or to mark an entire thread as saved, each with a single click.

Also I'm adding the ability to paste from different source messages into a post (rather than from just the message you're replying to) I'll also probably add the ability to edit/delete posts which haven't yet been synched, but were completed.

21-Jan-2001 1.3 Beta (2Mb)

Added ability to expand/collapse/read/unread entire threads from the menu and tool bar buttons.

Also decreased the time taken to load groups (by about 50%, it would be more but there's a 'feature' in the PPC Treeview control that means I have to do an inefficient workaround).

Also added two much requested features as options:

AutoExpand automatically expands/collapses threads as you scroll across them (so you can read entire threads using one hand on the scroll buttons)

StepTo will step to the first un-read message in each thread, and expand the thread. Will only work if AutoExpand is also enabled.

03-Feb-2001 1.4 Beta (2Mb)

Mainly bug fixes - if you're having any problems loading messages on the PPC, you probably need this release. Just install over any previous version. There are no changes to NewsPC.

Fixed two different problems where corrupt/none standard headers on downloaded messages resulted in failure to load groups (with bad filename or missing element errors). Fixed bug where PPCNewz might not restart if all messages were read and none saved in the first group loaded.

Added 'Copy' button to the main window (allowing copy from message body & headers). If you now press the 'Action' button (the scroll wheel) when the message body has the focus, the focus will switch back to the thread window (I'd like to make the button work the other way as well, but am having a problem with this..)

25-Mar-2001 1.5 Beta (2Mb)

Oops! I suppose it had to happen. All previous versions of PPCNewz contain a bug which means that they leave hundreds (or even thousands) of 5 byte files lying around on the PocketPC.

This version fixes this problem. It will also remove any of these files created by previous versions. For this reason, it may take a long time to close PPCNewz the first time you exit the application after an upgrade, and it may time a while to ActiveSynch the first couple of times (on my machine I had over 10,000 of these files).  

28-Mar-2001 New version of NewsPC available

Brian has released a new version of NewsPC, the desktop application which downloads and synchs the news messages for PPCNewz. It includes the much requested 'catchup' function (to throw away all the old, unread messages and synch to just the newest ones on the server). I've not had a chance to check this out with PPCNewz yet - if anyone has, could they let me know - thanks! I'm not sure how this affects my plans for a replacement for NewsPC....

11-Apr-2001 Added registration page to the web site.

If you're using PPCNewz, it would be great if you could let me know by registering.It's still free, and I have no plans to change that, but I'd like to know how many users there really are out there, and have a way of letting everyone know when there's a new release. I absolutely guarantee that I won't send you any other email, or pass on your details to anyone else. I will still be posting details of new releases to microsoft.public.pocketpc.

28-May-2001 1.6 Beta (2Mb download)

Added a 'read all in group' menu command (allowing you to catch up when you don't have time to read everything). Also added the ability to edit/delete posted messages any time before you use NewsPC to synch to the news server (you might regret what you were about to post....). Also added a bug fix for Norweigen and German users (or any other locale where the decimal separator is not a period/fullstop.

15-Nov-2001 PPCNewz v1.7 and PCNewz 1.1 (Beta)

PPCNewz v1.7 contains only a minor bug fix (associated with the scrollbar disappearing under the toolbar in the messaging viewing window). However, this is probably the most important release so far - because of the all new synch tool for the PC. PCNewz replaces NewsPC, and uses a different method for synchronizing with the server(s), so it's a lot faster. I strongly recommend users of earlier versions upgrade to this one.

I've also had reports of PPCNewz 1.7 working on HP567, so I assume it's ok on all PPC2002 models.

21-Nov-2001 PPCNewz v1.7 and PCNewz 1.5 (Beta)

PCNewz 1.5 fixes a lot of bugs (both major and minor) that were in the previously released version (1.1 Beta). The major problems it fixes are:

- Access to secure servers that require login to download group list.
- Access to servers with > 32,767 groups available.
- Access to servers with < 20 (approx) groups available.
- Handle messages where the poster had a '?' in email address.
- Handle servers that had no groups subscribed to.
- Problems occurring when last server removed from configuration.

I definitely recommend that all users of PCNewz 1.1 upgrade to 1.5; it's a lot more stable. Many thanks to everyone who responded, both with details and assistance in tracking down the above problems and with general thanks - it is much apprecaited!

20-Dec-2002 PPCNewz 1.8 and PCNewz 1.6

PCNewz 1.6 contains mainly bug fixes, with one or two minor features added:

- Fix of occasional 'freeze' when downloading messages
- Fix of occasional 'Runtime Error 13' when switching groups whilst synching
- Fix to prevent bad synch folder selection, and to get of it if you do!
- Fixed problem where synch wouldn't start if run from Windows Scheduler (Win2000 & XP)
- Links to online documentation and support email

PPCNewz  1.8 contains several new features

- Support for user selected fonts on messages, threads and headers
- Better sorting of groups menu, and load of 'default' group
- Simple 'search' dialog to locate messages within a group
- Similar fixes to PCNewz for bad selection of synch folder.