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PPCNewz is a freeware offline newsreader for the PocketPC. It uses PCNewz (included in the download) to download messages to the PC, which are then synchronized with the PocketPC, either then or later (when the PocketPC is placed in the cradle).

PCNewz will run on Win 95, 98, NT 4, Win2000, ME & XP..

The 4Mb download includes all files required for SH3, MIPs and (strong)ARM CPUs. I test on an HP548 & Toshiba E740, but I've had feedback from IPAQ and Casio E-125 and T-Mobile users telling me it works ok on their machines. The installed size on the PocketPC is about 70Kb, not including news messages you've downloaded.)It is not necessary for the Pocket PC to have a direct internet connection, Ethernet card or modem to use PPCNewz. Neither it it necessary for the host PC to be connected to the Internet when synching it with the PocketPC.

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PPCNewz Screen Shot

 If you have a direct Internet connection from your PocketPC to the net (wireless, modem or ethernet) then you probably want Inkspot or NewsForce, not PPCNewz

At this stage (Dec 2002) PPCNewz is a   released product, stable and pretty complete.


Well, it's been a long time since I managed any development. Though I've not done anything on PPCNewz, I have added a new application to the website. MP3Listz is a tool for automatically building playlists for MP3 players using ID3v2 Tags.

If you do have any problems with PCNewz, let me know - or you can try NewsPC - this is an older synch tool, which is compatible with PPCNewz (earlier versions of PPCNewz used it)

Site Links

A request to anyone linking to this site for the download. Please make sure that you link to the latest version at http://www.thebytefoundry.com/ppcnewz/ppcnewz_latest.zip - this link will always be updated to point to the latest release, though I try to keep earlier versions available just in case some one needs them because of an incompatibility in a new release.

Please let me know what you think, make requests or report any problems