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MP3Listz is a small application   that can quickly scan a collection of MP3 files, searching the ID3v2 tags to create playlists.

It is intended for use with MP3 players that support playlists and folder browsing, but don't support searching by genre, artist or album.

Using MP3Listz with these MP3 Players (e.g. Archos Recorder), you will get a menu allowing you to navigate by artist/genre/album, whatever the folder structure or naming convention of the location where the MP3 files are stored.

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Features Include:
  • Albums sorted by track number
  • Tracks can have multiple genres (e.g. Rock and 80s, so it appears in both playlists)
  • Can create 'no tag' playlists
  • Uses ID3v2 Tags (not v1)
  • Minimum Playlist size (useful if you have a lot of compliation albums, and only one or two tracks per artist)

I've tested on Windows 2000, but it should run on XP, 2000, 95 or 98.

It can build WinAmp play lists (.M3U files) for each genre, artist and album found in the MP3 collection.

Normally you would either create these lists on the MP3 player (if it can be attached to the PC as a USB drive), or copy them over (if it uses proprietry software).

The sets of playlists are normally stored in different folders (for genre, artist and album). This allows  MP3 players that don't support searching for tracks based on ID3v2 tags (instead they use folder structures) to have a user interface that looks more like a menu.

If new tracks are added, simply re-run MP3Listz again (it remembers the options set each time)

I developed this utility for use with my Archos FM Recorder, and it works well with Rockbox, the superb alternative firmware for the Archos.

Another feature I added (for use with my RioReceivers) is the sorting of album play lists by track number (many Mp3 players play albums in alphabetical track order!)

To use MP3Listz, you're going to need a good ID3v2 Tag Manager. I strongly recommend  ID3Tagit (which is freeware)

MP3Listz is 'donationware'. This means that it doesn't contain any timeout code, demo mode or nag screens.

But, if you find it useful, and would like to help me get the funds together to get my DigiMatrix, then please make a donation! (you can also reach this secure Paypal screen from the help page in MP3Listz)